Our Beliefs & Bylaws

“We hereby covenant and engage ... to give up ourselves unto the Lord ... to unite together into one body for the public worship of God, looking for that blessed hope and the glorious appearing of ... our Savior Jesus ...”





As a body of believers, we uphold the centrality and exclusivity of the gospel. We believe that Jesus Christ, who is God incarnate, is the only way of salvation and that the Bible is the inspired and inerrant Word of God.

We believe Christ has vested the authority of his church in the members of the local congregation, especially as they are reprehom they appoint. Our goals are to: live our daily lives in the love and forgiveness of Jesus Christ and joyfully follow him.

The Ministry promotes the diverse and cosmopolitan character of our church, in order that we might increasingly become a “house of prayer for all nations”.

Our Leaders

Edie Bayer

Edie & Darryl Bayer

Edie Bayer

Edie speaks with authority and power! She mixes humor with hope, information with inspiration, along with a little perspiration!

Edie is a prophetic voice to the nations! She is a prophetic preacher, author, editor, motivational speaker and compassionate minister.

Edie's ministry attracts miracles! Gold dust is always present when Edie ministers. 

Edie has authored five books and a workbook as well as her blog "God Notes". Edie Bayer has appeared on the Elijah List four times. Read Edie's Elijah List prophetic words HERE 

Edie is an ordained minister, and has worked with healing ministry giant Joan Hunter fighting front line battles against the enemy. Edie has been trained in the healing ministry, and she believes in Faith Healing. Edie has borne witness to many divine healings, and was divinely healed TWICE! Edie has laid hands on many people and seen them healed. 

In addition to working with Joan Hunter as executive assistant over a seven year period, Edie has ministered at numerous ministries, churches and groups in Texas, Arizona, Florida, South Dakota and Louisiana. She is available to come to your women's group, home group, meeting and church service. 

In addition to her gift of prophecy, she also teaches budding authors how to write, publish and sell the book inside of them. Please click HERE for more information about writing a book. Edie will come to you and teach your women's group, home group, bible study, retreat or other church group how! Edie offers a guaranteed sales method for books. Just ask. 

Edie is married to anointed trumpet player Darryl Bayer. This dynamic team can come to your event, seminar, revival, retreat, meeting or conference to speak, preach, pray and bring your people closer to God. 

Darryl Bayer

Darryl will rivet your audience with his amazing musical abilities. Whether you need a keyboard player, an award-winning Trumpet player, a "Herald Trumpeter" or an orchestra conductor, Darryl does it all with expertise, style and professionalism! 

Not only will Darryl take your congregation into the Holy of Holies when he plays, but he also speaks to them on topics such as, "Excellence Honors God" and "The Trumpet in Worship". Darryl has a quick wit, and enjoys using humor to both draw his audience into his performances and to put his audiences at ease. 

Darryl is available for seminars, clinics and workshops to help Praise & Worship teams, bands and orchestras to improve their performance as well. His goal for your team is to help them fine tune their abilities, while increasing both the honor and the glory to God. 

Darryl is available for Weddings and Receptions, too, as well as other events. One of Darryl's primary passions is his Herald Trumpet Company, the "Texas Brass Herald Trumpets" (http://www.heraldtrumpets.com). The Herald Trumpeters are available in any number, from one to 20, depending on your particular needs!

Darryl is multi-talented and multi-faceted, which he shows here by leading "The Woodlands Concert Band" at a methodist church in the Woodlands, TX. Darryl has also led orchestra at First Baptist Church of the Woodlands. 

He currently enjoys playing with the Praise and Worship team at Spirit Filled Celebration Church in The Woodlands, TX. as well as other venues in all areas of the greater Houston area. Darryl is also available to play or speak in Austin and San Antonio. 

Darryl teaches music at San Jacinto Community College, and taught at Woodlands Christian Academy for three years. He also was Music Director at The John Cooper School in the Woodlands for 10 years. 

He currently plays with several other bands. He was one of the original members of the Texas Brass Ensemble when they formed in 1985 in Austin, Texas and become the director in 1990 moving the group to their new home in The Woodlands, TX. 

Major performances include solos with both the Boston Symphony and Boston Pops, and section employment by the Savannah, Charleston, Corpus Christi, Austin and Houston Symphonies. Darryl has worked with such stars as Destiny's Child, The O'Jays, Michael Bolton, The Temptations, Four Tops and has a gold record with Little Joe and La Familia. 

Darryl studied at Boston University with Roger Voison along with all the members of the original Empire Brass and received his Masters Degree under the direction of James Austin from University of Houston.