What’s in a Name?

What’s in a Name?

And I will do [I Myself will grant] whatever you ask in My Name [as [a]presenting all that I Am], so that the Father may be glorified and extolled in (through) the Son,” (John 14:13 AMPC).

[“According to Hebrew notions, a name is inseparable from the person to whom it belongs, i.e. it is something of his essence. Therefore, in the case of God, it is specially sacred” (Souter).]

Strong’s Concordance: onoma = a name, authority, cause

Short Definition: name, character, reputation
Definition: name, character, fame, reputation

3686 ónoma – name; (figuratively) the manifestation or revelation of someone’s character, i.e. as distinguishing them from all others. Thus “praying in the name of Christ” means to pray as directed (authorizedby Him, bringing revelation that flows out of being in His presence. ” Praying in Jesus’ name” therefore is not a “religious formula” just to end prayers (or get what we want)!

  1. relying or resting on the name of Christ, rooted (so to speak) in his name, i. e. mindful of ChristColossians 3:17Ephesians 5:20; i. e. (for substance) “to ask a thing, as prompted by the mind of Christ and in reliance on the bond which unites us to him,” John 14:13.

According to Strong’s, when we pray in the Name of Jesus we are praying “as directed (authorizedby Him, bringing revelation that flows out of being in His presence.” This means that when we pray, we must allow Holy Spirit to pray through us: prophetic prayer.  He must be the one to advise us of what it is that Jesus would like to see happen in the earth realm…not necessarily what we would like to see.

Sometimes our flesh would have us pray amiss (see James 4:3) for something “in the Name of Jesus”. This could be something that isn’t even bad – yet it isn’t the Father’s will for us or for another. As an example, there may be times that the Lord wants to take someone home and heal them in heaven, but not here in the earth realm. How do we know when this is the case?  We need to be in His presence, and pray accordingly.

We must know what the Father’s will is, by being in His presence at all times, and pray for that in Jesus’ Name – with His full power and authority.

What’s in a Name?  You are!

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Pollinators: Ready the Fields for Harvest!

Driving through Indiana recently I pulled into a highway rest stop.  Inside was a display case with what looked like a giant yellow hornet in it!  Intrigued, and wondering what the giant yellow hornet was all about, I saw that this display was about pollinators.  Pollinators are insects and animals that help to spread nectar among plants, enabling them to produce fruit.

After I left the rest area, I passed by field after field after field of crops, one after the other. I asked the Lord what He would like to say to me about these fields.  He began by saying that the fields are growing, getting ready for harvest. They are doing what they are supposed to do, what they are designed to do: lay in the field and grow!  He also said some will produce fruit, and some will not. The difference?  Some will have pollinators!

I immediately saw the parallel the Lord was drawing! We are the pollinators. We are Christians pollinating the fields, readying them for Harvest!  Pollinators are necessary to spread the nectar from one plant to another in order for them to produce and be fruitful. In the same way, we are spreading the good news from one person to another, readying them to do the same!

Matthew 9:37-38  AMPC

“37 Then He said to His disciples, The harvest is indeed plentiful, but the laborers are few.
38 So pray to the Lord of the harvest to [a]force out and thrust laborers into His harvest.”

The display at the rest stop talked about the many different types of pollinators: beetles, caterpillars that turn into butterflies, bees, flies, birds, and bats.  I never realized there were so many different types of pollinators!  This speaks to the many different types of ministers!  Some are shiny and have hard exteriors, like beetles. Some are beautiful, showy and flit from person to person and place to place, floating on the breeze like butterflies.  Some are quiet and use “radar”, like bats.  There are so many different kinds of ministers that that Lord uses to pollinate His people!  But we still need more.  We need more pollinators to increase the harvest!  The display showed ways we can help the pollinators to flourish, because then the crops – and the harvest – will flourish.

Different crops require different kinds of pollinators. Different pollinators require different kinds of habitat in which to dwell, to abide and raise their young.  Some require hollow logs; some require tall grass; some require sandy soil in which to birth their young.

As the Lord talked to me, I saw that each of these habitats speaks of a different type of ministry.  Some are underground. These ministers are incognito, blending in as secret agents!  Some are in tall grasses, hidden in plain sight among the weeds and the wheat. Some are in hollow logs, birthing converts out of “dead wood”.  These are those whom God wants to resurrect!

The fields are ripe for harvest, but in order to have a harvest, we must first have pollinators. Count on God, Who has revealed the various types of pollinators for the various types of crops to provide them.

Pollinators: Ready the Fields for Harvest!

Blessings and abundance!
Edie Bayer

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Eagle: Go FLY! You Have POWER from On-High!

Multiple times recently as I was driving, the Lord highlighted to me the symbol on a particular brand of vehicle.  I am sure you have seen it – a square-ish “O” with what looks like wings in it.  It seemed that every time I looked at a vehicle it had this logo on it! The first few times I just thought maybe this particular vehicle brand had just gained popularity, but then it happened so many times I realized the Lord was speaking!  I finally asked Him, “What are you trying to show me?”

Meditating on this symbol, I tried to prophetically understand what I was seeing.  Did the circle stand for eternity?  What about the wings?  Was it a symbol of freedom, rising above, or a bird?  Maybe an eagle? I finally decided it was an eagle, since prophets are symbolized with this bird of prey.  It was then I heard the Lord say, “Eagle: Go FLY!”  I thought this interesting, because the name of my monthly prophetic school in Houston is “Learning to FLY” School of the Prophetic.  I decided to look up the meaning of the name of this particular brand to see if there was a meaning hidden within it.  God loves to surprise us with the nuggets that He hides inside of names of people and places, if we will just dig to find them.  I call it “God’s easter-egg hunt”. He hides things FOR us, not FROM us!

Then, last night on the way home, I saw a pickup truck that was all lit up! It had trailer lights on it, not just on the back, but down the sides and around the rear window.  I was in awe of this spectacle since it was so unusual! I watched it intently as it paraded in front of me at a traffic light and disappeared down the road.  More traffic followed it, so I eventually lost sight of it. After a little while I forgot about the lit-up pick-up, and simply sat at the light, waiting for it to change.

Shortly thereafter, it did, and I turned to head home.  As I drove down the street, I noticed that this very pickup, the one with all the lights on it, was directly in front of me!  I couldn’t believe it!  Quite a few minutes had passed, and a lot of Houston traffic, and yet STILL, somehow – this truck was directly in front of me!

I knew God was up to something.  At the next traffic light the lit-up pick-up’s tailgate was at eye level.  I saw something unusual about the tail gate of the lit-up pick-up.  My jaw dropped as I realized, much to my surprise, this truck’s logo was not a typical ram or a chevron or an oval, but an EAGLE!  The owner of this lit-up pick-up had removed the original logo of this vehicle, and in its place was a Flying Eagle!

Stunned, I got as close as I could without bumping the rear end of this truck to try to see the Eagle as closely as possible.  This eagle was poised to attack, wings spread wide as brakes to catch the air, ready to snatch its prey up with its talons.  Knowing the Lord was speaking, I pondered this in my heart, and headed home.

God wastes nothing! This morning, the Lord reminded me of the other symbol, the circle with the wings in it. On this company’s website* was an article about how this logo came into being.  I laughed as I read that it stood for the “god of harmony, intelligence and wisdom”.  It also said that the wings stand for “growth”, “improvement”, to “pursue ongoing improvements and to drive powerful, continuous growth”, and “flexible thinking, creativity, vitality, kindness and resilience”.

I have been asking the Lord for blueprints and strategies.  This sounds like a strategy and a blueprint to me! God was passing out instructions, Eagles! Here is your command: EAGLE – Go FLY!  You have been endued with POWER from on-high (see Luke 24:49). Much like the logo of the vehicle God showed me, you have been given the fruit of the Spirit according to Galations 5:22-23:

But the fruit of the Spirit is love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness, and self-control.”

The eagle on the back of the lit-up pick-up was ready to pounce on its prey. The talons of the eagle are to be used for the PREY of the eagle and its enemies! An eagle’s talons are not intended as weapons to be used against other eagles; rather, they are to be used as tools, to hunt and to produce food. A pick-up truck symbolizes a working ministry, and this one was all lit-up and completely unique, emblazoned with the symbol of the eagle.  This was God speaking clearly about His lit-up ones – the burning ones, the shining ones – the unique ones: His Eagles!.

His instructions to His eagles are clear: EAGLE – Go FLY!  The God of all harmony (see Romans 15:5), intelligence (see Romans 11:34) and Wisdom (see Proverbs 8:12) instructs us to pursue ongoing improvements and to drive powerful, continuous Kingdom growth by flexible thinking, creativity, vitality, kindness and resilience.

That sounds like a Kingdom strategy to me! God has spoken! He has given us instructions.  Now follow them, and Eagle – Go FLY!

Edie Bayer


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