Write That Book!: You have a book in You — Now Write It!




You Have a Book in You – Now Write It! You have a book inside of you, and it’s time for you to write it! Discover the easy way to get your books into print! Now you can quickly enjoy the personal satisfaction of becoming a published author! By following just a few simple steps, Edie Bayer, author of five books will lead you on the fast track to take your idea and turn it into a professionally published piece of literature! Learn to follow these easy methods to: Determine which ideas will net the best responses from your readership; Gauge which idea to write about; Write your masterpiece; Create a compelling cover art; Engage the reader with the cover text; Sell your books! It’s time to do what you know you were born to do. Accomplish your goals, live your dreams and see your ambitions become reality. Help others as you make your own dreams come true! Write that book!


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