Spiritual Lightning Rods: Connected to the Father of Lights


We are Spiritual Lightning Rods, connected to the Father of Lights! The Lord wants you to know Him and be connected to Him in Power! You want it, He’s got it! Listen to Him and CONNECT! He WANTS you to to operate in Miracles and POWER!

Spiritual Lightning Rods will walk you through Psalm 16:7-9 and demystify the connection between God and the Power that is available as a disciple and a minister.



Walk in Power! God is teaching us everything we never knew about His Power and Miracles! God wants to connect with us, His Spiritual Lightning Rods! Plug into the Power of God! There is POWER in everyday tasks in our walk with the Lord. David knew this when he wrote the Psalms. In Psalm 16, David’s choice of words are a revelation direct from the throne room of God! Learn what these divine revelations are, and how to apply them to your life for the Power Surge you need to Kickstart your ministry and your life!!


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