God said: It’s Fifth and Ten! The Grace Down

img_20161108_2233341God said: It’s Fifth and Ten! The Grace Down

I had a vision in church a few weeks before the elections. In this vision, the Lord placed me on the sidelines of a football game. The two teams were faced off on the field, helmet to helmet across the line of scrimmage, but I couldn’t tell them apart! They were wearing the exact same colors – white, blue and little bits of yellow. As I stood watching them, I clearly heard the Lord announce: “IT’S FIFTH AND TEN!

In the natural, in the game of American football this is not possible. Unless there is an error or a violation of some kind, there are only four ‘downs’, or chances, for the team with possession of the ball to successfully move it ten-yards down the field. Often during a game one will hear the announcer say that it is “first and ten”, meaning it is first down with ten-yards to go. Hearing “fourth and ten” is less common, but it happens.

The point is this — there are not FIVE downs! There are only four downs – four chances – to get it right, make the play and move toward winning the game. This is the goal of both teams! No team gets FIVE chances to move the ball … that is, unless you are on God’s team! I believe that is why both teams wore the same uniform — because God was showing me that we are ALL on the same team!

I clearly heard the Lord say it was “Fifth and Ten”, meaning, it was fifth down with ten yards to go. That means that God has given us a GRACE DOWN – another chance to go the whole distance! The Lord has given us a supernatural opportunity – an extra, unprecedented chance to get it right!

God blessed us with a Christian President in Donald J. Trump. Because we now have a pro-Christian leader, who is also pro-Israel, we can expect God to bless both him and all of us! That is the hand of God at work – the “Grace Down” in action! God turned it all around to work for our benefit. “We are assured and know that [God being a partner in their labor] all things work together and are [fitting into a plan] for good to and for those who love God and are called according to [His] design and purpose (Rom. 8:28).

I believe another reason God placed us all in the same uniform is because in His eyes, there is no difference between us. He sees us as all the same! “There is no longer Jew or Gentile, slave or free, male and female. For you are all one in Christ Jesus (Gal. 3:28).” Even though for a while as a body we were divided, God still saw us as all on the same team.

Now, the division is over! The map of the states that voted for President Trump was covered in red. No one can miss the obvious picture of the blood of Jesus covering most of the map of the USA, right down the center of the country! This is the only division God will allow – for Himself to be in the middle of everything that we speak, think and do.

So, what do we do now? We have another chance. What are all the things that you have said to yourself, “If I could only do it over again I would (fill in the blank)…” Good news, because today is that day! You have another chance! You have another opportunity to love someone; another opportunity to bless someone. You now have another opportunity to be faithful, diligent and supportive. You have another opportunity to remain vocal about your faith, and if you haven’t been, get vocal!  God has given you another chance.

You have yet another opportunity to use your giftings for the Kingdom. You have another opportunity to tell someone about Christ. God has given us another chance to do the things that He has asked us to do, to help usher in Revival.  As God said to Bob Jones, “Have you learned how to love?”  That is our most urgent reason for another chance!  Thank you Jesus!

God has seen fit to give us another chance, the Grace Down. What are you going to do with yours?

Edie Bayer


Edie is fasting Social Media for 60-days, in obedience to the Lord, praying for REVIVAL.  This blog automatically posts to both Twitter and Facebook, but she will not respond to comments made on either.

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Money – Have all you want!

Heart made of few dollar papersThe last couple of days I have been reflecting on a credit card that we have that is used for ministry expenses.  It’s pretty full, and I have been sorrowfully speaking to the Lord about it.  The reason is because I really feel that, although it’s money spent on behalf of the ministry, it may not ALL have been His idea. It was all well-intentioned, and I do my very best to be a good steward of ministry finances.   Every penny went toward some ministry-related purpose, but I didn’t ask Him before I spent every penny of it.

He has assured me, in His quiet way, without telling me HOW, that He would take care of it.

BUT, typically me, once again I was thinking this morning about the debt that has been incurred on behalf of the ministry.  The Lord asked me, “What is the one thing ALL of you have in common?  What is the ONE THING all of you need, every day?  It’s MONEY.  You worry about money.  Why?  You once traded rocks and beans, then animals, and then little pieces of metal that came out of the ground.  Money is so trivial, it is INCONSEQUENTIAL.  It is the least of your concerns.”

I cried out, FATHER GOD!  Forgive me!

He silenced me right away by saying, “It’s alright, Little One.  You hear Me.  You know from where your Help comes.  When I tell you to be still and stop worrying, you do.  You know Me.  I am using this as an example in your life, to show all My people how truly great IAM.”

So, through a quick series of events this morning that came after He spoke these words to me, I learned that He meant exactly what He said.  He sent money – a few hundred dollars — in a couple of different ways this morning, rapid-fire, and it brought tears to my eyes!  It’s still not enough to cover the entire amount (yet!) … BUT GOD!

Listen:  Money means NOTHING to Him.  You can have as much of it as you want!  It’s your HEART that He is after.  It’s your HEART attitude toward money that matters to Him.  Money is just a method of bartering – nothing more.  He was really clear about that when he said that we once used rocks and beans.  It is only a method of trading.

One of the gals at my conference yesterday, Vanessa Clark, spoke a true word about God’s character.  Using the analogy of mothers’ milk, she said that God makes the provision in advance – so that it is available before we ever need it!  A mother’s breasts are filled with provision and ready for the baby before it is born!  God makes provision for us before we ever need it from the time before we are born.  Why would we think that He wouldn’t make provision for us from that time forward?

El Shaddai, also known as “the many breasted one”.  Shad in Hebrew literally means breast, and “El Shaddai” means “God (is) my Breast/s”,  my All-Sufficient Provider, God of all the universe, Parent to the human race.  He is not going to leave us hungry and alone, in fact, he gives us provision in so many different ways that it staggers the imagination.  Just the fact that He and Jesus together decided that Jesus would have to die on the cross for us – before ANY of us ever existed – should be enough proof for us.

We need to stop worrying about finances.  We need to put our trust in God and KNOW that He will supply our every need.  In fact, if you will just STOP and give it all to God, right now, He will gladly take it.  He will supply your need, take your stress and worries, and give you the oil of gladness in return!

The things that happened for me and for Kingdom Promoters Ministry today didn’t just suddenly happen TODAY.  They came to fruition today in the fullness of time.  They actually were put into motion a long time ago.  He knew well before I did that I would have a financial need due to furthering His Kingdom! God made provision for the purpose of paying for ministry expenses – long before I ever knew I would need it.

He has been telling us since the beginning of time that He is in control and that we should take no thought for today, o ye of little faith, what we are going to wear or what we are going to eat.  Jesus said our Father in heaven knows we need these things.  Our Daddy will never let us down.  We need to finally GET THIS, really get it in our spirit men.

He is just, and He is faithful.  He knows what you will need before you ever know you will need it.  Rest in Him.  Rest in His Word.  Rest in His Truth.  You will be just fine!


Edie Bayer

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The Enemy’s hand has been Overturned!

*Painting by Melinda Johnson, Canyon Lake, TX. 20161025_202508.jpg


As I was coming out of sleep this morning, I heard, “THE ENEMY’S HAND HAS BEEN OVERTURNED”!  I got a quick vision of soil being tilled, or “turned-over”.  The soil was rich and brown, and I saw a close-up of one of the furrows that had already been made in it.  In that moment, I also felt as though new seed had already been planted.  I felt the anticipation of this new seed coming to fruition!  A fresh harvest!

Annually, farmers till weeds under, by turning the soil OVER.  This kills the weeds and buries their seeds, inhibiting them from growing back.  The Lord spoke to me in PAST TENSE when He said that the enemy’s hand has been overturned!  This is important because it means we are not waiting for it … it has already happened!  His crop of weeds has been buried and killed off!  This is good news, people of God!  It is finished!

Listen!  Just yesterday, a friend shared a prophetic word about curses over America being broken.  I truly believe THIS IS THAT – a time when the old weeds and seeds have been overturned and tilled under!  I believe that judgements against us have been overturned.  I believe this is a time when the curses that have already been broken start to manifest themselves as freedom from the chains of their bondage!  I believe that this is a time that we will long remember – a time of the enemy’s hand being shown as having been lifted off of America and off all of our lives — individually and corporately!

The enemy has been buried!

I believe it is a TWO FOLD process:

  1. I believe, if we follow what God is saying, is that He – the God of all the universe – has buried the enemy … under the very soil that he was using to grow his crop of destruction!

Do you remember the story of Ai in Joshua 8:22?  In this story, and I will paraphrase, the army of the city of Ai was led to believe it was chasing the Israelites out of town, when in fact, it was a holy-ghost setup and God turned the tables on Ai!  The city’s army was sandwiched, and it fell into its own trap.

Do you see?  God has turned the tables (and the soil!) on the enemy, just like He did at Ai! It may LOOK LIKE the enemy has the upper hand, even right now, this minute….but I believe God is only leading him on!  I believe that you will see that what was trying to chase you will end up turning back on itself – creating chaos in the enemy’s camp for your victory!   God has overturned the enemy’s hand!

“Do not be deceived: God cannot be mocked. Whatever a man sows, he will reap in return (Galatians 6:7).”  God cannot be mocked!   That strong, leafy tree bough that was torn off by the high winds only LOOKS like it is still alive!  It is indeed dead, feeding on itself and what little strength still remains.  The enemy of our soul is exactly the same!  Fear not for he is a defeated foe!  “Fear not, little flock, for it is your Father’s good pleasure to give you the kingdom  (Luke 12:32).”

A fresh crop is on the way!

  1. I felt as though new seed had been sown into already prepared soil, and the anticipation of the fresh crop was exhilarating!

You know all that heartache, sorrow, toil and pain you have gone through, maybe even as recently as yesterday?  I believe it was preparing your soil, the soil of your heart, for the new seed and the fresh, victorious crop!  All the pain, strife, division, anger and WARFARE that you have encountered has turned you into the warrior that the Lord always intended for you to be!

The rocks have been dug out of your soul.  You have learned to overcome!  You have learned to forgive, to submit, to follow and to lead!  You are now a fully equipped soldier. Your soil has been prepared.  Your heart is right, both with man and with God.  You are ready to harvest the new, fresh crop!

What is this new, fresh harvest?

Amos 9:13 states, “Behold, the days are coming,” declares the LORD, “when the plowman shall overtake the reaper and the treader of grapes him who sows the seed; the mountains shall drip sweet wine, and all the hills shall flow with it.”

We have seen the plowman.  We have seen the reaper.  We have seen the grape treaders and we have seen the one who sows the seed…but we have never seen the mountains drip with sweet wine, nor all the hills flow with it!

What does that look like, exactly?  I would venture to say that no one really knows for sure, but we all will know by the Spirit – it is our NEW, FRESH HARVEST!  It is something that we have NEVER seen before!  It is something that is so new, and so fresh, that it will take our breath away, awestruck as we gaze upon its beauty!

I believe that each of us will know our fresh harvest when we get there, as it is revealed to us.  It will be completely different from anything that we have experienced up until now.  I will say this:  I believe that you have been uniquely prepared for this moment, and it is upon us.  Everything that you have been through has prepared you for this time in humanity’s history.  You are uniquely qualified to fulfill this purpose.  No one else has the calling that you do for such a time as this (Esther 4:14)!

God has saved the best wine for last!  He did it at Cana (John 2:1-11) and He is doing it again.  Get ready to drink deeply.  His mountains are now dripping with it, and you will soon be flowing with it, too!


Edie Bayer




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Do you love onions that much?


Four years ago, I had a dream during the period prior to Obama being re-elected for his second term.  Michelle Pfeiffer was on the top of a very tall building in Chicago.  There were two very stately concrete lions laying in position on top of this building and she was in the middle.  She bent over backwards, as a gymnast would, and as she licked up leeks and onions off of a hamburger with a VERY long tongue she said, “MMMMM….I love onions.”  The sky was black and very cloudy, portending doom — a scene straight out of a Batman movie….but I knew it was Chicago.

The Lord reminded me of this dream this morning, as prophets around the country (and the world!) pray for the will of the Lord to be done.  I never understood why it was Michelle Pfeiffer until just now, as I was doing farm chores.  God LOVES to use play on words, and what he was saying was PIED PIPER.

The symbolism in this dream is too significant to miss.  The pied piper, with a long tongue, led many voters to vote for the CHICAGO candidate.  This was because the masses wanted their “leeks and onions” to which they had grown accustomed.  The hamburger symbolized both food and a people to whom the piper appealed, as opposed to a meal of steak or lobster, as an example.  The pied piper had “bent over backwards” to make sure that this was the case – that the many would not want to lose out on their ENTITLEMENTS, literally “feeding” them in many cases, giving away millions (Billions? Trillions? Zillions?) of dollars in welfare, rent, food stamps, cell phones, laptops and health care – all appealing to the lusts of the flesh.

Of course, at that time, the two stone lions were exactly that – not living, breathing or moving.  They simply stood by – they were laying down, actually! — and allowed it to happen.  I knew then, at that moment, that Obama would be re-elected.

However, was that dream JUST for that period in time?  In a most terrifying revelation God downloaded to me only a few minutes ago, this thought flashed through my head…why was the Pied Piper a SHE?

I know why she was a SHE.  And you do, too.  The two stone lions cannot simply stand by and allow this Pied Piper to continue to lead us down the merry path any longer.  Please do whatever you can, whatever it takes, to mobilize the lions!  You are one, and so am I – and so are ALL of God’s people!

We were created to rule and reign in this realm.  We cannot afford to just idly sit, stand or LIE down and allow it to happen — again.

GO VOTE THE BIBLE.   You know what you are supposed to do – now go do it.


Edie Bayer


Stay in the Supernatural Lane!

copy-of-a-new-design-1             Stay in the Supernatural Lane!

I drove to minister in Apalachicola, Florida this past weekend.  As I was getting onto the freeway, I clearly heard the Lord say to me, “Get all the way in the left lane.  Get in the Supernatural Lane and stay there!”

He then went on to tell me – and YOU – just how supernatural we are!

Stay in the Supernatural Lane!

The Lord said, “Stay in the Supernatural lane.  Stop thinking negatively!  ALL THINGS ARE POSSIBLE to him who believes (Mark 9:23)!  Just believe (Mark 5:36)!  You are supernatural and you live a supernatural life!”

He then encouraged me to decree it, and I am encouraging YOU to decree it, too!

Decree, “I am supernatural!   I live a supernatural life!  Supernatural is my Name!  Supernatural is my game!  Supernatural is my fame!  I live in the Supernatural Lane!”

He pointed out to me that we live IN Jesus’ Name – right in the middle of it! That is how we can decree and declare IN JESUS’ NAME!  Come on, He lives inside of us!  We live IN His Name!

Say, “Because Jesus it’s your name that I live in!  It is your Name that is Supernatural!  We are making YOUR Name famous (Psalm 105:1)!  Name above all Names (Philippians 2:9)!”


Supernatural Acquisition

The Lord then began to speak about Supernatural Acquisition!

“You will begin to acquire things supernaturally.  Possessions will be given to you.  You will get things for a song !  You will partner with others and it will be to your advantage.  Believe for Supernatural Acquisition.  People will bless you.  Y­­ou will acquire a company, a business, a means of income – a means of income streams!”

Close the door to negative thinking!  All things are possible to him who believes.  Be encouraged!  God hears you!  You are supernatural!

Believe in yourself!  Believe in God!  God is in you!  He will succeed!  He always does!


Edie Bayer



Don’t let the enemy Dis-Appoint you!


Don’t let the enemy Dis-Appoint you!

You have an appointment with Destiny in this season!  There will be obstacles that attempt to dissuade, defeat or dis-appoint you.  Don’t let it happen!  Stay the course!

Here is a prophetic word I wrote while on the plane to Orlando on October 2nd, before Matthew ever hit.  I almost didn’t go on this ministry trip to this Life Enrichment Ministry’s Global Leadership Conference because I knew that the hurricane was coming and at that moment its path was still so uncertain.  I decided to go after all, knowing that I could always come home early if needed.

When I got on the plane I managed to get an exit row seat, the ONLY ONE on the plane with no seat in front of it, so lots of leg room.  This was my first time ever to get this seat.  As I sat down, a man came up to me and asked if I was going to sit in that seat.  When I said yes, he said, “Good Luck with the exit door!” He was mad because he wanted that seat – it was the best seat in the house.

Finally, to drown out the noise all around me, I put on my ear-buds and listened to some soothing “white-noise”, sounds of rain that I have on my cell phone.

It wasn’t long before the Lord started to speak.  He ALWAYS talks to me on the plane!  When He says “Come up here!” at 30,000 feet He always speaks and I always listen!

God says, “Fasten your seatbelts!  There is turbulence up ahead.”

The captain took the plane higher, and God is taking us higher, too, above the storms! 

The HURRICANE tried to dissuade me.  A MAN tried to dis-seat me.  The ENEMY is trying to dis-appoint you!  Everything may seem to be working against you — BUT GOD!  He is working all things together for your good!  Listen — the Holy Spirit is filling your ears with the sound of rain!

You have an appointment with DESTINY in this season.  Don’t let the enemy, the storms of life – even if it’s a hurricane — or ANY MAN dis-appoint you.  Hold fast to your faith (Heb. 10:23), which is much more precious than gold (1 Pet 1:7).


Edie Bayer





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God is an “If you/then I” God!


The Word says, “Draw near to God and He will draw near to you.” (James 4:8, ESV) God is an “If, Then” God. That means God says, “If you, Then I…” It means you must do something, then God will do something. The funny thing is He gives us the rules! He tells us if we do a certain thing, this is the result we can expect.

In this case, YOU must draw near first, THEN He will draw near to you. Let’s look at Deuteronomy 8:6-9 for another example in the Amplified version of the Bible: 6 “So you shall keep the commandments of the Lord your God, to walk in His ways and [reverently] fear Him.” Remember, God is an “If, Then” God. If you do something, He will do something. So, there’s the instruction, what YOU must do. You must keep His commandments and reverence Him.

Now here is the response from God, what HE will do. 7 “For the Lord your God is bringing you into a good land, a land of brooks of water, of fountains and springs, flowing forth in valleys and hills; 8 A land of wheat and barley, and vines and fig trees and pomegranates, a land of olive trees and honey; 9 A land in which you shall eat food without shortage and lack nothing in it; a land whose stones are iron and out of whose hills you can dig copper.”

Did you notice the goodness of the things He will do for you, once you do something for Him? He is always like that!

Things not going so well for you? Check your “Fear Factor” — your Fear of the Lord! Are you keeping His commandments and reverencing the Lord as He requires? The fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom! (Prov. 9:10) — Excerpt from “Spiritual Lightning Rods, Connected to the Father of Lights” by Edie Bayer.  For more information, please visit:   www.KingdomPromoters.org/books_cds.html

God says, “You need to be playing Touch Football!”

referee-with-flagA couple of days ago my husband told me it was the first day of football. I just laughed, because I’d had yet another encounter with Jesus, a football vision, that very same day. Right before the vision I was worshiping the Lord, and I said, “Lord, I want to come up there with you!”

Out of nowhere, I saw Jesus jump into my line of vision and say, “So what are you waiting for?” He thrust His hand down through the clouds, grabbed my hand tightly and jerked me upwards, out of where I was and into His presence. He plopped me down next to him, on His right hand side.

He was sitting on a leather couch, eating popcorn or something out of a bag. He was totally chilled out, in blue jeans and tennis shoes and had one leg crossed over the other, sitting like guys do when they relax. He looked like he was watching a football game. His face was all lit up from what I assumed was a TV screen.

He turned to me and said, “You have been playing FLAG FOOTBALL. You need to be playing TOUCH FOOTBALL.” Then He turned back toward the screen.

He was watching it intently when He turned His head slightly, still keeping His eyes on the screen so He wouldn’t miss anything. He yelled over His shoulder, “Hey, DAD! You need to see this!” Jesus was chomping away on the popcorn, and getting more and more agitated and excited. Suddenly, he jumped up in front of the TV screen like during a big play, shouting loudly to the Father who was in the other room, “DAD! You have GOT to see what they are doing now!” I could feel the presence of the Father, but couldn’t quite see Him. Jesus, however, was really excited, standing and shouting in front of the screen.

He offered me the popcorn, which was now in a bright red bowl. When I looked into the bowl, it had turned into manna. I grabbed great big handfuls of it, eating it greedily.

I somehow KNEW during this vision that He was not watching a football game – He was watching US! The Word says, “He does not take his eyes off the righteous (Job 36:7).” Play by play, step by step, strategy by strategy, we are getting closer to the “end of the game”. Things are getting more exciting by the moment, heating up quickly, enough to make Jesus jump up and holler!

There were a number of symbols in this vision. The couch was leather – made out of skin (Gen. 3:21). We are still covered by our covenant with Him! I was seated on His RIGHT HAND – in a position of power and authority (Eph.2:6)! He was eating something out of a paper bag, which turned out to be manna – FRESH MANNA — in a blood red bowl. He passed the bowl to me and I ate greedily from it – I wasn’t shy about it. I wanted that fresh manna and believe me, He wants us to have it! It’s included in the covenant, held together by His precious blood (John 6:32-25).

In the vision I was so thrilled to know in my heart that He was watching us, and growing increasingly excited about what He saw, too. In fact, He called the Father into the room, not just once, but twice! Anytime Jesus says anything twice, it means we need to pay attention (John 3:3)!

This is HUGE for us! If Jesus is getting excited about what He is seeing us do…just imagine how much we are actually doing! Imagine how much we are actually accomplishing, perhaps without even realizing it! We must be doing more, much more than we think!

Verily, verily, I say unto you, He that believeth on me, the works that I do shall he do also; and greater works than these shall he do; because I go unto my Father. John 14:12

It cut me to the quick when Jesus turned to me, saying we have been throwing the “penalty” flag at people, instead of TOUCHING them…playing flag football when we should be playing touch. My mind keeps going back to that famous statement, uttered by the Lord to Bob Jones: “Have you learned to love?”

I find it intriguing, and as always funny, that I didn’t know it was the first day of football; and yet, the Father still saw fit to use a football analogy to touch my heart, and the hearts of others that read this. It is His desire that we all start playing by His rules, playing TOUCH FOOTBALL! Touch peoples’ hearts with His love and His truths, and quit throwing penalty flags at them! Just love them, agape them, unconditionally!

You are a star player in this “game”. Jesus is excited about what He sees you doing. You are accomplishing much more than you think, perhaps more than you may ever know!

Keep up the good work, keep running the race!

Edie Bayer

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Remove the Bulb!


Remove the Bulb!

God tends to speak to me through common, everyday events, and sometimes some that are not-so-common!   As an example, our refrigerator door has a computerized water dispenser.  A few days ago, it started flashing at us and yesterday finally stopped working altogether.  Since I am a “Do-It-Yourself-er”, I started looking for parts to fix it.  I had already found a part to fix our dishwasher, so I should be able to do it on a refrigerator, right?  I mean, God is no respecter of persons, so why should I be one of appliances?


I noted the model number and jumped online.  The very first place I found had schematics, but nothing that referred to our specific issue.  Undeterred, I went back to the search engine, and re-entered the model number again.  A whole list of sites came up, one of which had reviews for various electrical components that fixed problems similar to what we were experiencing.


Reading through the reviews for these parts, I became progressively more convinced that there could be a multitude of things wrong.  One review said it could be this part, and another that part, but someone else said it might be this other part.  After reading three or four of them, and I was convinced that the problem was too difficult and expensive for me to do myself, I came across a really short review which read simply…

“Seems that old bulbs draw too much current and cause the control panel to fail in sending signal to icemaker motor. Removing the bulb cured this fault and the control panel worked fine.”

I sat back in my chair.  Could it really be that simple?  Removing the light bulb?  The parts I had looked at could total hundreds of dollars and hours of sweating labor, even fixing it myself.  A light bulb?

I went to the refrigerator, and realized I didn’t even know WHERE to look for the bulb!  I saw the lighted dots on the computer panel that indicate whether it was water or ice, and thought, “That is going to be difficult to get to the bulb!” Still investigating, I looked INSIDE the water dispenser housing.  Sure enough, a lightbulb!  I grabbed it and untwisted it, and pulled it out.  It was ugly, nasty and dirty.  Out of habit, I checked the filament inside the bulb.  Surprisingly, it was intact.  I sat it down on the counter, and prepared to test this “repair”.  I grabbed a water glass and lo and behold – we had water!  I tested the crushed ice, the ice cube dispenser and the water once more … and all were working, just as they should, the way they were intended.

So, what is the moral to this twenty-first century parable?  Read it again, and see if your light bulb comes on!  The review said, “Seems that old bulbs draw too much current and cause the control panel to fail in sending signal to icemaker motor. Removing the bulb cured this fault and the control panel worked fine.”

Here’s what I believe God was saying. Most of us are familiar with the “lightbulb over the head” as a symbol for an idea or a thought process. I believe He was speaking to us about our OLD thought patterns and the way we deal with the spiritual realm. The old ideas and thought processes are short-circuiting what He wants for us!  I believe He wants us to interact both with Him and with the spiritual realm in a brand new way – to get a new idea – a new bulb!

We are His modern day dispensers of His water!  If we are not working properly, the whole system comes to a grinding halt.  Here is what He showed me:

The old bulbs — our old thought processes, our old ideas, our old ways of doing things and interacting with both God’s Kingdom and the demonic realm.  Things of tradition (Luke 11:42-44) and old mindsets that get in our way (John 3:3-12).

Draw too much current — they are taking up way too much of our time and energy!  We need to look forward to see what God is doing now and quit trying to do it “like it’s always been done”.   We must refocus our energy into how God is doing it now, in the new – in the CURRENT!

Cause the control panel to fail — WE ARE THE CONTROL PANEL!  Church of God, YOU are the control panel!  We have the authority, given to us by Jesus in John 17 and seen in Hebrews 2 and Matthew 28!   All of creation groans for us to be revealed, even to ourselves (Rom. 8:22)!

In sending signal to icemaker motor — We need to get the “right now” signal, and move on it!  We are a MACHINE – the body of Christ, a living organism.  The motor of this machine needs to get the correct signals to go in our God-intended direction.  When our signal is short-circuited we wander about as lost sheep without a shepherd (Matt. 9:36).

The solution is incredibly easy!  First, realize you have a special “model number” assigned by God!  You were created for such a time as this (Esther 4:14) and that model number was built to work in this season.  You have a “now assignment”.  Your old one is finished.  You must receive a new, clear signal and directions for this new assignment!

Second, recognize there may be a problem with your control panel: your thought processes.  Be open to receive instruction and any necessary course correction as a true son (Hebrews 12:7).

Third, don’t let the enemy lie to you!  Just as several reviews led me to believe that the repair on my water dispenser would be elaborate and expensive, the fix was incredibly easy!  Don’t let any human being or demon from hell tell you that your issue is too deep or too hard or too complex, or worse, it will never go away.

Fourth, don’t be deterred or discouraged!  If these steps don’t fix it immediately, go back to the source.  Just as I didn’t find my solution during the first search, your solution may take a little more seeking.  But don’t get discouraged!  It’s all spiritual, and can be remedied with just your mouth and your faith!  It’s THAT simple!  Are you ready?

REMOVE THE BULB.  Get rid of it!  Pull it out!  This thought process is a murderous tool designed to destoy you, a plot and plan of the enemy to keep you from moving forward!  This includes racism, sexism, pride, victim mentality and a host of others.  Ask Holy Spirit to search your heart (Ps. 139:23) and reveal to you what is short-circuiting your system.  Then repent and move on into your future.

REMOVE IT!  Don’t “get used to it” – get rid of it!  Recognize it for what it is, a snare and a trap!   Most health issues, marital problems, gender identity issues, spending issues…they are all rooted in the spiritual realm.  As such, they can be solved on your knees, in the spiritual realm.  You are a disciple of Jesus, so ask Holy Spirit to teach you how to pray (Luke 11:1-13) about this particular issue – then do it!

REMOVE IT!  Realize you “may” be under spiritual attack because you are!  It’s not happening to you strictly in the natural.  It’s the “natural” manifesting the spiritual realm!   Fight the war spiritually, not carnally (2 Cor. 10:4).  Your weapons of warfare are in the spirit.  Get your angels back on the job.  They have been waiting to hear from you!

REMOVE IT!  Remove that religious spirit from your midst!  Get over the “old way”, the way it’s always been done, the way we used to dress, the way we used to look, or smell or sound, or talk or preach or sing!  Just recently I bucked God when He told me to wear jeans and tennis shoes to a meeting.  He told me I had a religious spirit that was telling me I was required to dress up!

REMOVE IT!  Remove the thought pattern that God can only speak in certain ways, and He cannot in others.  Forget all that!  I was in Matthew 6 and I actually HEARD the voice of God speaking to me from the Mount.  I was in another dimension with Him and heard Him speaking to me personally.  Don’t limit God!

Once you remove the bulb, test the waters!  They should be flowing again freely.  If they are not, go back to Step 1 – Ask God!  God requires that His rivers flow without restraint.  He knows where the obstacles and the hazards are in your life.  Don’t wait until your unit stops working completely.  Trust Him implicitly to know how to fix your water dispenser, and let Him do it!


Edie Bayer





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Singularity – Three Head Lights


Singularity – Three Head Lights

Driving home the other night, I got on the freeway and saw a single headlight coming up behind me.  Initially I thought it was a motorcycle, but soon realized that it was a car with a missing headlight.  It actually gave me a scare initially, because I wasn’t expecting a car.  I quickly shrugged it off because it’s not that uncommon in a major city like Houston to see cars with missing parts, from front ends to bumpers, so a headlight wasn’t that unusual.

However, when I got closer to my house, I saw two more cars with only one headlight, literally back to back.   Now THAT was unusual!  I saw THREE cars with just one headlight on my drive home.  As I pondered this event, I realized that God was speaking to me!

I asked the Lord, “God, what are you trying to tell me?”  I didn’t get an immediate response, but the “three headlights” encounter simply wouldn’t leave me.  I have been meditating on this for days, feeling the weightiness of this prophetic sign, praying and waiting for clarification from the Lord.

During worship recently I was taken into an encounter.  The Lord said, “Come up here.”  As I focused on the light I saw with my eyes closed, it got brighter and brighter, and I saw the headlight of a car – a single headlight that was round and bright.   The funny thing is that the headlight of the car I saw turned into the moon as I focused on it.  Next, I saw Jesus’ hands, and I realized He was holding the moon.  I saw Jesus seated, sitting cross-legged on the ground with the moon in His two hands.  His face was lit up by the reflection of it, and He was beautiful!  It occurred to me that Israel’s calendar is set to the moon, and the moon is in Jesus’ hands!

During worship I also heard the word, “SINGULARITY”.  I had no idea what it meant, but I figured it had to do with the single-headlights.  I looked it up as soon as I could, and found this:

The term Singularity has many definitions. The everyday English definition of Singularity is a noun that designates the quality of being one of a kind, strange, unique, remarkable or unusual. For a more specific definition of Singularity we can search The Wiktionary where we get the following: the state of being singular, distinct, peculiar, uncommon or unusual.

We, the people of God, are SINGULARITY! We are a peculiar people (1 Peter 2:9)! We are aliens (1 Peter 2:11), strangers in a strange land! In Exodus 2:22, Moses names his son Gershom, for he said, “I have been a stranger in a strange land.”

I also heard “head-lights”, like a bulb came on in my head, as two separate words.    I hadn’t thought of them in that manner before, just as car parts – headlights, not Head-Lights!  God was speaking about lights in my head, ie, “the light bulb coming on”!  What I really think is that He wants us to get it through our heads that He is the Light!

I felt in my spirit that we should really focus on Jesus, that He is the singular purpose for which God created us!  I also felt strongly in my spirit that the Lord was saying for us to really FOCUS on Him and on our purpose – to have laser sharp, FOCUSED SINGULAR VISION —  that we are created for something SPECIFIC, for a special, singular PURPOSE.  A lot of us have been running around with a “shot-gun mentality” – if we do enough stuff, we’re bound to hit something!  I believe that God wants us to stop and focus on what He is saying, find our purpose and seek it for all we are worth, with everything we have!

It also came to me during the encounter that the number three is significant, as is the number one.  One stands for God, and three is the Trinity, us conforming to the image of Christ.  As I soaked in the Lord’s presence, He began to show me that the number three and the number one all work together…Father, Son and Holy Spirit – all in one God!  He went on to give me multiple examples – one sun, one moon, one earth, yet all three work in tandem.  He mentioned there are many stars, and many galaxies, but only one planet with life.

He explained that there is one King, one Queen (the Bride), and one Kingdom, yet they are inseparable.  One body, one soul and one spirit comprise the whole man.

He also talked to me about the Tallit…there was a man in front of me wearing a tallit, and as I watched him put it over his head for his prayer closet, I wished in my heart that I had one.    Just as my head tilted forward to pray, I heard the Lord say, “You have one,” as my hair fell around my face, forming my own personal tallit!   The Word says that a woman’s hair is her glory (1 Cor. 11:15)!  I got the full revelation of that today – the light came on for me, giving me full clarity of this verse.

Lastly, speaking of His Light, His marvelous Light…I believe that God is talking to us, saying He is our light!  The Lord showed me the vision of Jesus’ face reflecting the light of the moon, His prize Israel, shining brightly in His hands.  I felt the Spirit say that just as the moon reflects the light of the sun, Jesus reflects the light of the Father, and we reflect the light of Jesus – as He holds us in His hands!

Three combined into One — Singularity.

So the more unusual you are, the more peculiar you are, the more one of a kind, strange, unique, remarkable or unusual you are…the more you are His prize and the more you look like Him, reflecting His image!

Shine On!


Edie Bayer






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