What’s in a Name?

What’s in a Name?

And I will do [I Myself will grant] whatever you ask in My Name [as [a]presenting all that I Am], so that the Father may be glorified and extolled in (through) the Son,” (John 14:13 AMPC).

[“According to Hebrew notions, a name is inseparable from the person to whom it belongs, i.e. it is something of his essence. Therefore, in the case of God, it is specially sacred” (Souter).]

Strong’s Concordance: onoma = a name, authority, cause

Short Definition: name, character, reputation
Definition: name, character, fame, reputation

3686 ónoma – name; (figuratively) the manifestation or revelation of someone’s character, i.e. as distinguishing them from all others. Thus “praying in the name of Christ” means to pray as directed (authorizedby Him, bringing revelation that flows out of being in His presence. ” Praying in Jesus’ name” therefore is not a “religious formula” just to end prayers (or get what we want)!

  1. relying or resting on the name of Christ, rooted (so to speak) in his name, i. e. mindful of ChristColossians 3:17Ephesians 5:20; i. e. (for substance) “to ask a thing, as prompted by the mind of Christ and in reliance on the bond which unites us to him,” John 14:13.

According to Strong’s, when we pray in the Name of Jesus we are praying “as directed (authorizedby Him, bringing revelation that flows out of being in His presence.” This means that when we pray, we must allow Holy Spirit to pray through us: prophetic prayer.  He must be the one to advise us of what it is that Jesus would like to see happen in the earth realm…not necessarily what we would like to see.

Sometimes our flesh would have us pray amiss (see James 4:3) for something “in the Name of Jesus”. This could be something that isn’t even bad – yet it isn’t the Father’s will for us or for another. As an example, there may be times that the Lord wants to take someone home and heal them in heaven, but not here in the earth realm. How do we know when this is the case?  We need to be in His presence, and pray accordingly.

We must know what the Father’s will is, by being in His presence at all times, and pray for that in Jesus’ Name – with His full power and authority.

What’s in a Name?  You are!

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Eagle: Go FLY! You Have POWER from On-High!

Multiple times recently as I was driving, the Lord highlighted to me the symbol on a particular brand of vehicle.  I am sure you have seen it – a square-ish “O” with what looks like wings in it.  It seemed that every time I looked at a vehicle it had this logo on it! The first few times I just thought maybe this particular vehicle brand had just gained popularity, but then it happened so many times I realized the Lord was speaking!  I finally asked Him, “What are you trying to show me?”

Meditating on this symbol, I tried to prophetically understand what I was seeing.  Did the circle stand for eternity?  What about the wings?  Was it a symbol of freedom, rising above, or a bird?  Maybe an eagle? I finally decided it was an eagle, since prophets are symbolized with this bird of prey.  It was then I heard the Lord say, “Eagle: Go FLY!”  I thought this interesting, because the name of my monthly prophetic school in Houston is “Learning to FLY” School of the Prophetic.  I decided to look up the meaning of the name of this particular brand to see if there was a meaning hidden within it.  God loves to surprise us with the nuggets that He hides inside of names of people and places, if we will just dig to find them.  I call it “God’s easter-egg hunt”. He hides things FOR us, not FROM us!

Then, last night on the way home, I saw a pickup truck that was all lit up! It had trailer lights on it, not just on the back, but down the sides and around the rear window.  I was in awe of this spectacle since it was so unusual! I watched it intently as it paraded in front of me at a traffic light and disappeared down the road.  More traffic followed it, so I eventually lost sight of it. After a little while I forgot about the lit-up pick-up, and simply sat at the light, waiting for it to change.

Shortly thereafter, it did, and I turned to head home.  As I drove down the street, I noticed that this very pickup, the one with all the lights on it, was directly in front of me!  I couldn’t believe it!  Quite a few minutes had passed, and a lot of Houston traffic, and yet STILL, somehow – this truck was directly in front of me!

I knew God was up to something.  At the next traffic light the lit-up pick-up’s tailgate was at eye level.  I saw something unusual about the tail gate of the lit-up pick-up.  My jaw dropped as I realized, much to my surprise, this truck’s logo was not a typical ram or a chevron or an oval, but an EAGLE!  The owner of this lit-up pick-up had removed the original logo of this vehicle, and in its place was a Flying Eagle!

Stunned, I got as close as I could without bumping the rear end of this truck to try to see the Eagle as closely as possible.  This eagle was poised to attack, wings spread wide as brakes to catch the air, ready to snatch its prey up with its talons.  Knowing the Lord was speaking, I pondered this in my heart, and headed home.

God wastes nothing! This morning, the Lord reminded me of the other symbol, the circle with the wings in it. On this company’s website* was an article about how this logo came into being.  I laughed as I read that it stood for the “god of harmony, intelligence and wisdom”.  It also said that the wings stand for “growth”, “improvement”, to “pursue ongoing improvements and to drive powerful, continuous growth”, and “flexible thinking, creativity, vitality, kindness and resilience”.

I have been asking the Lord for blueprints and strategies.  This sounds like a strategy and a blueprint to me! God was passing out instructions, Eagles! Here is your command: EAGLE – Go FLY!  You have been endued with POWER from on-high (see Luke 24:49). Much like the logo of the vehicle God showed me, you have been given the fruit of the Spirit according to Galations 5:22-23:

But the fruit of the Spirit is love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness, and self-control.”

The eagle on the back of the lit-up pick-up was ready to pounce on its prey. The talons of the eagle are to be used for the PREY of the eagle and its enemies! An eagle’s talons are not intended as weapons to be used against other eagles; rather, they are to be used as tools, to hunt and to produce food. A pick-up truck symbolizes a working ministry, and this one was all lit-up and completely unique, emblazoned with the symbol of the eagle.  This was God speaking clearly about His lit-up ones – the burning ones, the shining ones – the unique ones: His Eagles!.

His instructions to His eagles are clear: EAGLE – Go FLY!  The God of all harmony (see Romans 15:5), intelligence (see Romans 11:34) and Wisdom (see Proverbs 8:12) instructs us to pursue ongoing improvements and to drive powerful, continuous Kingdom growth by flexible thinking, creativity, vitality, kindness and resilience.

That sounds like a Kingdom strategy to me! God has spoken! He has given us instructions.  Now follow them, and Eagle – Go FLY!

Edie Bayer


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FEARLESS! Guest Blog by Rev. Melissa Pearce

Melissa and I will be ministering together in June in Murrysville, Pennsylvania.  If you know her, you know she is a powerhouse speaker and a true woman of the Word!  Enjoy this guest blog by Melissa!  Come see us in Murrysville, Indiana, Illinois and Massachusetts, too! Info at the bottom here and KingdomPromoters.org/events.html – Edie Bayer

Over the last couple of months, God has been speaking to me about the importance of operating from His seated position of rest. Rest does not mean being lazy or doing nothing; rest in this context is understanding everything the Father has given to us and operating in it. It is a position of empowerment. The more we rest in Him, the more we become fearless for Him.

While praying for our donors, I felt the Lord releasing a message for them about a season of ‘New Beginnings! New Opportunities! New Possibilities!’ However, I felt this was not only for our donors but also for our readers – YOU. We are entering a new season with God; there will be many new beginnings for our journey. These new beginnings will lead to new opportunities to bring Heaven to earth which will ultimately lead to new possibilities to see the glory of God revealed!

Yet, in this season of newness, I feel the Lord wants to alert His people to the schemes of the enemy – to use FEAR to hold us hostage. Do not listen to the lies of darkness; keep your eyes focused on Jesus – our LIGHT!

Proverbs 28:1 says, “…but the righteous are bold as a lion.” 

We are stronger than we realize – we have the Tribe of Judah living within us! God Emmanuel is with us! He will never leave us nor forsake us but remain steadfastly by our side.

God has given us a spirit of boldness; it is time to operate in it – NOW. We must recognize in this season the key word NEW – meaning we have never traveled this way before and never experienced what we are about to experience. We have never seen what we are about to witness and never functioned in the way we are about to function. However, the enemy will try to twist the path God is leading us down and use FEAR to intimidate us and keep us from forging ahead.

Now, we operate from our seated position of REST that empowers us to be fearless because we trust God to manifest the result. Too many times, when the children of God are about to embark on a new season with Him, the enemy throws every fiery dart to hold us hostage. The enemy wants us stuck, not fulfilling our destiny with God. Yet, this is the year God decrees FREEDOM over us! Our new beginning is God positioning us in His prosperity.

You have a few keys of warfare from which to operate:

First, operate in the Father’s love toward (and for) us and settle deep within our heart the plans He has for us – for good and a future.

Jeremiah 29:11 says, “For I know the thoughts that I think toward you, says the Lord, thoughts of peace and not of evil, to give you a future and a hope.” 

Don’t allow the enemy to move you from this position of rest! The Father has good intentions and thoughts for us.  He desires we excel in the very things He has created us to do for Him.

Secondly, operate in what He has given you.

2 Timothy 1:7 says, “For God has not given us a spirit of fear, but of power and of love and of a sound mind.” 

Fear does not come from God; He has given us His power, love and sound mind from which to operate. I love the beauty of this Scripture, because it highlights the mind. God knows the battlefield is always in the mind. The enemy is always jockeying for our mind. He always infiltrates our mind with negative, impossible thoughts. He says things like, “Don’t bother, things won’t change! Give up! If you act upon this, so many people are going to reject you!” The list goes on and on.

When we operate from God’s power, we are relying on the power of the Holy Spirit to enable us to do what we must. When we function from a position of love, God will help us remain steadfast. When we remain seated from the heavenly places, our mind operates from God’s thoughts and His perspective.

Last key, take up your shield of faith!

Ephesians 6:16 says, “…above all, taking the shield of faith with which you will be able to quench all the fiery darts of the wicked one.” 

When we operate from a position of faith, the enemy loses all leverage over us! He knows we believe God over the lies he is trying to intimidate us with. Our faith releases us to become fearless in God!

Oh, it is just such a time as this for us to embrace the New Beginning God is setting before us! It is time for us to walk in the New Opportunities that are awaiting. It is time for us to seize the endless New Possibilities! We are equipped; we are empowered! We have been called by God to make an impact! We are FEARLESS!

In Him,

Rev. Melissa Pearce

Enduring Hope Ministries


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Have your “SIGNS” been CRYING WOLF? “Relax,” says God. “It’s just a short delay!”

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For the last several months, both night and day, there has been road construction close to my house.  A brand new bridge is being built in preparation for adding a new freeway extension.  Driving down this road every day, we have watched the changes; however, the construction has been going on for a very long time.  Since it has taken so long, and truthfully, since road construction is so common in this area, we just stopped paying attention to it.

A while back, the highway folks put a lighted sign up that said “road switch” for a certain date, but that date changed to a later date.  That date got changed again to a later date, and yet again after that.  So, having seen the sign cry wolf so many times, we truly just became used to the dates changing to later and later dates and started to ignore the sign.

But recently at my monthly “Learning to FLY!” prophetic school, one of the attendees was very anxious about the road switch, which the sign said was for that day.  I didn’t give it a second thought when I drove by the sign with this date on it, figuring it was going to change again, but she was very concerned.  She was nervous and anxious because the way she was used to going was changing, and it was night time – she couldn’t see very well in the dark.  We told her to follow us, since she lives close by, but when we left the building, she was already gone.

“Relax. It’s just a short delay.”                                                                    When we got to the place where they were switching the highway, with great anticipation we looked for the change, but there was nothing different.  Nothing had changed at all. It was just the highway under construction as usual.  We chuckled about it, since there was no change yet again, and went home.

The next morning, I no sooner turned onto the highway in this same area and immediately came into a traffic jam; there were brake lights forever it seemed!  Because I was on my way to the airport, this bothered me, but upon inquiring of the Lord, He said, “Relax. It’s just a short delay.”

Sure enough, I got through that little bottleneck within a few minutes, and moved swiftly onto the new road, passed over the new bridge, and through one last minor detour onto the entrance ramp to the main highway.  It was absolutely fine, even in the darkness of pre-dawn that I drove through it.  There were no problems.  In fact, it was fun and different!

Breakthrough into the new is finally here!                                          This so speaks to me!  The whole “new-highway traffic-switch” thing, along with the person who got so upset and anxious about the road changing prophetically speaks to me.  That is our life right now, as believers following the pillar and the cloud!  The road is changing – there is no doubt!  A new way has already been built! There is a TRAFFIC SWITCH directly up ahead!  Even though the dates that we were expecting it have changed over and over, prompting us to become so used to the delay and calloused that we stopped looking for it – IT’S HERE!  IT’S FINALLY HERE!

Even though I was so used to the construction, and had gotten to where I ignored the signs – IT’S HERE! Even though there was a bottle neck and lots of brake lights and a slowdown right before the transition into the new, it’s HERE!

Keep pushing through!  Keep driving! Don’t let the brake lights stop you!  Yes, you may experience a slowdown, and see lots of red lights, but believe it – your breakthrough into the new is finally here! “Relax! It’s just a short delay,” says the Lord of Hosts!  Even if you experience one last final detour, before long you will be on the entrance ramp and on your way!

Don’t be ANXIOUS! “Be anxious for nothing,” (Luke 12:25-26). Not being able to see in the dark creates anxiety for many.  Don’t be anxious! None of us see well in the dark – even prophets only see in part and prophesy in part (see 1 Corinthians 13:9).  Don’t forget that in the dark is where the Lord works best!  “Tears may last for a night, but joy comes with the morning,” (Psalm 30:5). The darker the darkness, the greater the light when it finally breaks through (see Isaiah 60:1)!  A diamond held up against black velvet shines just that much more!

Don’t be anxious because the way that you have been used to going is changing!  This is a GOOD thing!  Even though it may take a little practice to learn a new way to “do” this Kingdom life, this is a good thing.  Don’t be anxious.  And for heaven’s sake, don’t leave your guide behind!  Listen to the Holy Spirit as He offers assistance and extends His wisdom. Ask Him and He will tell you!  He will lead you and guide you into all truth (see John 16:13).

Don’t ignore the signs!  Yes, these same signs have repeatedly said that breakthrough is here, breakthrough is here – but honest! BREAKTHROUGH IS HERE!  It’s finally here!

Finally: Don’t give up!  Don’t allow the delays and hope deferred (see Proverbs 13:12) to cause you to become so calloused by the deferment of the breakthrough, the delays and the elapsed time that you stop looking for it! It’s HERE!

Be expectant! Expect the change and expect it to be GOOD! Expect it to be SWIFT!  Be ready for the goodness of God to be poured out on your life in this time – REAL TIME – in the NOW Time! IT’S TIME!

Enjoy the new road the Lord is giving you!


Edie Bayer


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God’s Opinion of You!

“I have given to them the glory and honor which You have given Me, that they may be one [even] as We are one,” (John 17:22 AMPC).

A lot of times our prayers go unanswered, James says, because we pray “amiss” (see James 4:3).  This means we pray with wrong intent or with a wrong heart.  True, sometimes it might be because we have selfish motives.  However, I believe that sometimes it’s because we simply don’t know the truth of what the Bible says about us – indeed, what God Himself says about us!  If we really knew what God’s opinion of us truly is – how He feels and thinks about us – we would pray from a completely different perspective!

One such instance is in John 17:22.  In English, the glory and honor that Jesus is talking about seems to be strictly divine.  It seems to mean that, somehow, we’ll be radically transformed into this glowing entity in a glorified body, perfect in every way, like Jesus in the transfiguration (see Matthew 17).   Surely, we cannot achieve GLORY this side of heaven, we think.  He must mean when we die, right?

The truth is, the “Glory” about which Jesus is talking is for RIGHT NOW, while you are still living and breathing.  In the Greek the word here for GLORY is “doxsa”. Simply put, it is God’s Opinion of us! Strong’s 1391 says: “‘exercising personal opinion which determines value’ – glory.”

Glory “…literally means ‘what evokes good opinion, i.e. that something has inherent, intrinsic worth.’”

THAT is what God says about you!  God’s own personal opinion of Jesus is that He has value – GLORY.  God has a good opinion of Jesus.  Well, guess what?  Jesus has the SAME OPINION ABOUT YOU! He “GAVE” you this opinion, this name, this value, this GLORY in John 17:22.  His personal opinion of you is that you have inherent, intrinsic worth!  That means without lifting a finger, without one prayer, without one moment of doing any kind of Kingdom work at all…you have value to God…just by being you!

You have the EXACT SAME VALUE to God that Jesus does! You are as valuable to God in His eyes as Jesus!  You are “…His prized possession,” (see James 1:18).  Now, THAT should change the way you THINK about yourself!  If you KNOW that God speaks that highly of you, that He THINKS that highly of you…it only stands to reason that you should think that highly of yourself.

So, begin today.  Begin seeing yourself as God sees you!  Give YOURSELF the same value that God does!  Stop listening to the enemy tell you that you are worthless, that your life has no meaning.  You are every bit as valuable to God as the Savior that He sent to redeem you!  Open your eyes to the truth of this, and live life worthy in your own eyes.  God already sees you that way.

BECAUSE YOU HAVE THE SAME VALUE AS JESUS and He gave it all in obedience to God, does this mean you need to give God your all?  Yes.  He gave to you His only Son, Jesus Christ, His “prized possession”. Jesus gave Himself right back to the Father.  This is our model.  You are God’s prized possession in this hour, giving your all back to God, not holding anything back.

Today, give your most prized possession back to God.  Give Him your very best offering today.  You are not required to give your first born – only your FIRST FRUITS.  I challenge you to give a first fruits offering today into this ministry, Spirit Fuel.  This ministry gives so much to you every day.  Give back to God by giving into Spirit Fuel. You will be blessed!

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Edie Bayer


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You Have Permission to By-Pass Protocol!

During worship, I received a very powerful word of knowledge in a vision. God showed me that someone’s lungs were obviously cancerous and then I heard the word, “BREATHE!” As this vision progressed, one lung was completely healed, as he or she was in the presence of God – breathing in Jesus’ presence.

Since I had just gotten back from Hawaii and had not been to church for a while, I hesitated to go up to the Pastor and say anything to him. I know it’s wrong – call it fear of man – but I didn’t want to be “that person”. Since I am in service so irregularly, I try to maintain a low profile. I just worship Jesus, get visions and prophetic downloads, hug everybody and go home.

But this day was different. Everything in me was screaming to let this word of knowledge out! I fought with my inner self, not wanting to look “like that”, but knowing for sure this was a God-word. It was such a struggle I started desperately looking for someone in leadership to give the word to!  I saw the Pastor’s wife. Surely she would be able to give the word of knowledge. Sadly, I couldn’t think of her name! I didn’t want to sidle up to her, “Hi, I have a word of knowledge! What’s your name again?” What kind of a prophet is that? Oh, my gosh! What was I going to do?

The Pastor stood and started to speak. I stared at him intensely, WILLING him to give the word himself! After all, there is only one God and one Holy Spirit (see Ephesians 4:4-5)! He started to talk about healing presence in the room, and I mentally cheered him on, yes, the lungs, the breath, the healing … GO!

But then he stopped, the music ended, and the moment passed. I had lost the battle. I never gave the word. Weeping inside, disappointed in myself, I determined I would never do that again. I decided to find out the proper way to get a prophetic word to the Pastor.

At the end of service, I spoke with him. Graciously, he said that I should have given the word because there was cancer in the room. I confessed I didn’t want to look “like that”… to be “that person”. He then gave me some great advice: “You’d better get over that!” He also mentioned that he was aware of typical church protocol, but then said, “You have permission to by-pass protocol!”

That phrase went off inside of me like fireworks! I knew I was hearing directly from my Abba-Father!

It is time to by-pass protocol! It is time to stand up and BE the FIVE-FOLD MINISTRY (see Ephesians 4:11). We must allow Jesus to use us to invade other church cultures! We must allow God to put us into another stream if He so desires. We must politely ignore man’s do’s and don’ts – to allow Holy Spirit to do His thing.

We must operate in our gifts, both inside the house of God, and out – regardless of others’ denominational restrictions and beliefs. I have prayed for dozens of people at Walmart, the grocery store and at the mall, and never asked what religion they are. Jesus’ wonder-working power (see Psalm 77:14) is not restricted because they don’t believe in it! Watch Him work!

We simply MUST be the spiritual grown-ups that God has raised. We must break loose of the bondage of religion – by-pass protocol – and not care what others think of us, just like David danced before the Ark (2 Samuel 6:14), blowing every religious mindset of his day. We must realize that God has placed unique gifts and talents inside of us to do the works of the ministry until He comes back to get us (see Ephesians 4:12)…and not let man stop us with his religious rules and regulations.

God has trained us. It is time to operate outside ‘the Charismatic church’. Last week I went to a Presbyterian church with a friend. We ministered to many, sitting at our lunch table in their cafeteria. These people were not familiar with the prophetic or healing prayer. They had no idea who I was but were hungry for the deeper things of God. “Proper Protocol” would never have allowed for inner-healing and prophetic ministry at a Presbyterian church, especially at the lunch table!

Then, while walking through the parking lot, we saw two women who were standing together talking. I greeted one, and as we chatted, I knew I had to pray for her. The longer I waited, the more my stomach knotted up. Finally, it was so tight all I could do was squeak out, “CAN I PRAY FOR YOU?” As soon as I touched her she began weeping because the spirit fell. Laughing through her tears, she cried, “I’m leaking!” Her friend gladly received prayer also, confessing she silently asked God, “Please, God! Let her pray for me, too! I want that!”  Parking Lot Prophets are warned against in Charismatic circles; however, by-passing that protocol produced amazing God-results!

Sometimes we simply have to stand up and give the Word that the Lord has imparted to us – whether others like it or not! In the instance above, this word-of-knowledge about cancer would have been welcomed – but having been subject to “proper church protocol” for so long, I was reluctant to stand up and release it. Having been bashed in the past, I didn’t want the leadership to view me negatively, usurping “proper protocol”, because I thought I was “somebody”. Listen, family – when God chooses to use a vessel, He uses whomsoever He desires, and doesn’t ask for permission!

Lastly, we need to pour out the revelation that has been given to us. I know a couple that has been “doing church” alone at their dining room table for years because they had grown so weary of “man’s church”. Just recently they started back again. The first two weeks went well, but the most recent visit created complaints about stories-being-told versus word-being-preached. I suggested that perhaps the Lord had placed them there not to GET but to GIVE.

This couple is full of the Holy Spirit and wisdom. I proposed that God may have placed them at this particular church to pour out from their abundant reservoir of revelation, obtained from having sat at the feet of the Father for so long. This provoked them to re-think the reason they went back! They realized they didn’t NEED any more food…instead they need to BE manna for others.

You have permission to bypass the protocols that are keeping you from ministering the light of Jesus everywhere you go, every day, in every way!  You are the manna! Be bold and very courageous (see Joshua 1:9)! Pray for people. Lay hands on the sick. Speak in tongues. Bless people, speak scripture and watch disciples being born in other church cultures! Hallelujah!

Blessings and Abundance!

Edie Bayer




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Are you having family struggles?  Here is HOPE: God is on the Job!

I was recently reading about Sodom in the book of Genesis, chapters 18 and 19.  In this passage of scripture, Abraham negotiated with God on Sodom’s behalf.  I am sure it is because his nephew Lot and his family had left Abraham’s tribe to live there.  Abraham pressed God, asking Him if He would spare the city if there were any righteous people living in it.  He pushed him further and further, asking if there were as few as ten righteous people inside the city walls – would God still spare it?

And he said, Oh, let not the Lord be angry, and I will speak again only this once. Suppose ten [righteous people] shall be found there. And [the Lord] said, I will not destroy it for ten’s sake,” (Gen. 18:32 AMPC).

Interestingly, even as Abraham negotiated with God on Sodom’s behalf, not once did he mention Lot.  He never once said, “Oh, GOD!  You have to spare Sodom because my nephew Lot lives there!”  He never pleaded, “Oh, GOD!  I know Lot is in a sinful place! Please save him!”  Abraham never begged and pleaded with God to save Lot.  This is because he didn’t have to, and he knew it.  He knew that Lot was counted as righteous for his sake!

When the Angels arrived at Sodom, miraculously, Abraham’s nephew Lot was sitting in the city gate.  He was a “sojourner” – just a temporary resident of Sodom (see Genesis 19:9).  This means he had no official standing; he was not an elected official or an elder of the city.  Unless he was conducting business of some kind, which the Bible does not indicate, for all intents and purposes, he probably shouldn’t even have been there.

Furthermore, when the Angels arrived, he wasn’t outside the city, working in the fields, in the temple or even just wandering around the house.  He was in the city gate – a place of prominence.  It was a place where he would not only see those that came in and went out, but BE SEEN.  He was positioned there by God!  The angels never had to search for him.  He was the very first person they saw when they hit the city’s gates.

You see, God is on the job!  God knows who your family members are!  He knows who is in a place of danger, who is in trouble, and who needs to be rescued!  He knows exactly where every single one of them is at every moment of every day!  He has never lost sight of them (see Psalm 33:18), and they are not forgotten!  Every single hair on their head is counted (see Luke 12:7).

Abraham didn’t have to beg God to rescue Lot, because God already knew Lot’s whereabouts.  He knew that he had left the safety of Abraham’s tribe, he was in Sodom, and that was somewhere that he probably shouldn’t have been.  This put Lot in immediate danger of destruction…but God knew.

God will save your family members for your sake!  Abraham’s intimacy with God allowed him to know something about God that we need to know… because Lot “belonged” to Abraham, God would save him for Abraham’s sake.  Your family members don’t have to be perfect — they just have to be YOURS!

This was not just in the Old Testament, either!  When Paul and Silas were jailed in Acts 16, their jailer got saved – and so did his entire family, with not one of them present!  His righteousness covered them, as well.

And they answered, Believe in the Lord Jesus Christ [give yourself up to Him, take yourself out of your own keeping and entrust yourself into His keeping] and you will be saved, [and this applies both to] you and your household as well,” (Acts 16:31 AMPC).

It occurred to me that we don’t HAVE to beg and plead with God to rescue our family members from their sin and ultimate destruction. Because He loves us, because we are saved, because we are righteous…He will rescue our family members for the sake of the covenant that He has already established with us, through the blood of Jesus Christ. Salvation is still an individual decision, it’s true; however, the same way that Christ died for me and you when we were still yet sinners (see Romans 5:8) is the same way He died for your family members. He already knows!

I decree, God will position your family members in a prominent place where they cannot be missed by the help that God is sending to them!  Just like the angels that spotted Lot as soon as they hit the city’s gates, so will God position your family members to be likewise rescued!

Like Abraham, you cannot be shy about reminding God of His covenant with us!  Remind God of the righteousness of your family member because of your righteousness that covers him or her.  Remind God of the blood of Jesus that you have pleaded over your family members!  God honors the blood.

Finally, please, don’t think for a second that your family members are in a place where God has forgotten about them, or they cannot be saved from their sin.  That’s impossible because all things are possible with God!

Matthew 19:25-26 (AMPC)
25 When the disciples heard this, they were utterly puzzled (astonished, bewildered), saying, Who then can be saved [from eternal death]?
26 But Jesus looked at them and said, With men this is impossible, but all things are possible with God.

I am believing for prominent positions for your beloved family members for the rescue attempts that are already underway!

In Jesus’ Name, Amen.
Edie Bayer


April 3rd @ 7:30PM
Learning to FLY School of the Prophetic
Edie Bayer, Instructor
Refreshing Spring Ministries
13131 Champion Drive; Upstairs # 208
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April 4th @ 7PM Edie Bayer Speaks
Women of Value
True Ministries Church of the Faithful God
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April 12th – 15th
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Aglow, other meetings TBA in Las Cruces and El Paso.
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7-Steps to Get Wealth! Biblical Strategies and Blueprints from God!

Two days ago, the Lord told me that He is releasing blueprints and strategies to get wealth.  He was clear that not only was He RELEASING them, but that He expects us to not only HEAR them, but also LATCH ONTO them and DO them!  He then brought back to my remembrance a simple process by which He has already enabled us to get wealth, according to His word.

You see, a while back, the Lord gave me a massive download about a real-estate development that he wants me to build.  He showed me, in detail, the housing layouts, where the lake will be, and the exact locations of the churches. The best part of it was when He said to me, “You only need 12-million to start.”

Yes…12-million…as in DOLLARS.  To Him, that might not be much money, but to the rest of us, that is a chunk.  The belief system of most people would never allow them to acquire that much money – EVER.  But God … He proceeded to give me the road-map and plan to acquire that money.

Unfortunately, at that moment I didn’t get it.  You see, even though He told me EXACTLY how to get the money, I didn’t actually DO IT.  It was easy to understand, but I still didn’t get it!  I was still expecting Him to somehow just drop it in my lap, to show up with it at my door, or send it by wire into my account.  So, for the last year, I have been driving around, looking at land, waiting for God to show up at my door with cash…and it hasn’t happened.  Sound familiar?

Look, everyone I know – including YOU, I’m sure – wants to have a never-ending stream of millions of dollars so that we can give it away to churches and ministries, orphans and outreaches — but we don’t know HOW to acquire that kind of money.

Or do we?

Years ago, I was struggling with something, and the Lord said to me, “Just turn around, look back through time, and see how you did it.”  Sounds simple enough, right?  Just look back and SEE HOW YOU DID IT.  The only problem was the problem was STILL IN FRONT OF ME, and not behind me!  Or, at least that is the way that I perceived it.

Needless to say, even though I didn’t understand what God was saying at the time, it stuck with me.  And fortunately it did, because it applies to HOW TO GET WEALTH!

The truth is, the simplicity of obtaining wealth resides in the inherent ability that God has already given us to get it: “But you shall [earnestly] remember the Lord your God, for it is He Who gives you power to get wealth, that He may establish His covenant which He swore to your fathers, as it is this day,” (Deut. 8:18).

Simple, right?  Just turn around and see how you did it!

Two days ago, the Lord told me that He is releasing blueprints and strategies to acquire wealth.  Once again, because obviously it is important to Him, He reminded me about that same $12-million dollars… and then He gave me a formula.  Yes, a FORMULA. You see, it’s been in the bible the entire time, but because it’s a PROCESS and not a dropped-in-your-lap-lump-sum of money, we don’t do it.

It’s true!  It’s called TITHING.  However, this is not tithing in the traditional sense.  It is NOT your typical “give 10% of your paycheck to the church, and hope for the best” tithing system to which we have become accustomed.  Yes, it’s a TITHE – it is still 10% OF SOME NUMBER, but not 10% of your paycheck.


For example:  Let’s look at the dollar figure the Lord dropped on me of $12-million.  I have absolutely no way to raise that kind of cash in the natural, that’s for sure.  However, just yesterday, the Lord showed me a video clip on TBN of a famous Christian leader who had a word of knowledge as he walked into the sanctuary that someone had been praying for $500.  He asked, from the pulpit, WHO in the room explicitly asked the Lord for $500 that morning.  After ascertaining that a particular woman had actually prayed expressly for that precise amount of money, he reached into his pocket, and pulled out a $50 bill.

He said to that person, “I don’t have $500 to give you (crowd laughs!) but here is $50.  It is a seed.  There is $500 in that $50.”  His story went on to say that the lady went to the store and spent the $50 – not on herself, but on some people who needed money to buy groceries.  Her thoughts were, “Well, there went that $50!”  When she got home, someone drove up to her and handed her a check for $500.


There are several times in my life when I believe that the Lord has given me revelation directly from the Throne of Grace.  This is one of those times!  Here is what the Lord said to me when He originally downloaded the simple “formula” for how to come up with $12 MILLION DOLLARS –

To get $12,000,000 I need to sow $1.2 MILLION. 

“Wow!  Who can do that?” I asked Him, shaking my head with doubt and disbelief.

He said, “Wait…in order to have $1.2 Million to sow, you must sow $120,000. 

And in order to have $120,000 to sow, you must sow $12,000.

And in order to have $12,000 to sow, you must sow $1200. 

And in order to have $1200 to sow, you must sow $120. 

And in order to have $120 to sow, you must first sow $12.”

“OH MY GOSH!” I exclaimed, “I CAN DO THAT!  I can sow $12.  Anyone can sow $12!”

And that is true – anyone CAN sow $12.  But can that person, even me or you, sow it with purposeful INTENT TO ACQUIRE WEALTH?  Or are we just sowing willy-nilly, with no expectations of receiving anything in return?

If we are, that is unscriptural!  The bible says, “[It is] the hard-working farmer [who labors to produce] who must be the first partaker of the fruits,” (2 Timothy 2:6). Every farmer sows seed with the expectation of receiving a harvest.  To do otherwise is – well, it’s just STUPID.  Why would you sow anything, especially with regard to investing your money, especially into the Kingdom of God, with no expectation of a return?

Here is what I want you to do:  ASK HIM YOURSELF.  Don’t take my word for it.  Look up the scriptures yourself.  God is a God of multiplication. “Then Isaac sowed in that land, and received in the same year an hundredfold: and the Lord blessed him,” (Genesis 12:26).

HE TOLD ME TO DO THIS. He may not tell you to do it…but He might!  He wants me to release this to you!  Just ask Him!  He wants us all to prosper and be healthy, even as our souls prosper! “Beloved, I wish above all things that thou mayest prosper and be in health, even as thy soul prospereth,” (3 John 2:2).

He told me to start with $12.34.  That is 1-2-3-4…getting in alignment and getting in order according to Matthew 12:34, “…for out of the abundance of the heart the mouth speaketh,” and, “… as a man thinketh in his heart, so is he,” (Proverbs 23:7).  God is a God of order!  Get in alignment, and get in order!

Here is the order:

  1. Give
  2. Get more than you gave
  3. Give more than what you just got
  4. Get more than that again, so that you can give it away again!

Give to get wealth so you can give, and give, and give again!

It’s not about you!  It’s about the Kingdom!  These are Kingdom Principles, given by the King Himself.  He WANTS to use you to financially bless both the saved and the getting-ready-to-be-saved.  They are all His people.  Those are His orphans.  There are multiple missions trips He wants you to take.  But you must first be obedient and get into order.

God doesn’t want us broke.  He wants us wealthy, to be more than able to accomplish every good work, with more than enough left over to give away again, and again.

Here is HOW:  Steps to get in order!

  1. Ask God EXACTLY how much money you need to accomplish your God-purpose. He will tell you.  Write it down; in fact, start a spreadsheet or a journal to track His faithfulness – and to track the growth of these finances.  Nothing like evidence to convince a non-believer!
  2. Look backwards in time to see how you acquired that amount of money; ie, go through the process, as above. Take your God-purpose dollar amount, and find 10% of that figure; that is what you need to sow.  If that number is still too great for you to sow (and it should be!), then find 10% of that seed amount, and so on until God tells you to STOP.  He will tell you how much to seed initially – and it might be a stretch for you! OBEY HIM at all costs.
  3. Find a WORTHY MINISTRY into which to sow – GOOD SOIL ONLY, one that is bearing obvious fruit. I strongly recommend you ask God where to sow.  Again, He will tell you.
  4. DO IT. Don’t think about it. Don’t be a “hearer only”.  Be a Do-er!
  5. DON’T EAT YOUR SEED! When the money begins to come in, don’t spend it!  Save it for the next seed amount!  You will know when it starts to arrive:  Gifts, found money, refunds, pay raises, mailbox money…you name it!  Any combination or all of the above will start to arrive. Don’t spend it!  This is your seed to sow again, to reap again.
  6. When you have enough to sow again toward the next level of your Godpurpose amount, sow it! Then do it again, over and over until you reach your God-purpose money amount!

*Note:  Don’t skip any steps.  I believe God is a PROCESS GOD and He wants you to go through the process!  Don’t skip steps unless He tells you to…just ask Him!

Would you like to sow into THIS MINISTRY?  We believe it’s VERY GOOD SOIL!  We want you to acquire wealth and accomplish your God purpose.  I believe that God is using us to help you do that very thing!  If you agree, and you want to help us to help you and others like you, please use this link: https://donorbox.org/donations-155                                                                                  Or by PayPal on our home page:  www.KingdomPromoters.org

Thank you so much!  Please visit our website, buy our books, come to our events and support the Kingdom of God!  We do!  We’re doing it for YOU!

Edie Bayer, www.KingdomPromoters.org

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Friday March 16th @ 7PM, Saturday March 17th @ 6PM

Radiant Ones Conference

Kari Perkins, DeAnn Clark, Edie Bayer, Kelly Campbell, Michelle Bollom and Mary Elliott

Waverly Manor

1961A – FM 1375

East Huntsville, TX 77340


April 3rd @ 7:30PM

Learning to FLY School of the Prophetic

Edie Bayer, Instructor

Refreshing Spring Ministries

13131 Champion Drive, Ste 208

Houston TX  77069


April 4th @ 7PM Edie Bayer Speaks

Women of Value

True Ministries Church of the Faithful God

9535 Sweetwater Lane

Houston, TX 77037

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Only God can Connect you!

Only God could connect us!  I didn’t call him, and he didn’t call me! 

I had just hung up with my son after wishing him a happy birthday.  I went back to texting with a young lady to whom I was ministering when my phone rang.  I didn’t recognize the number, but since we have an ad online for chickens for sale, I answered.

The voice at the other end said, “This is William.”

Confused, not really knowing how to respond, but then realizing it was a wrong number, I said, “I’m sorry sir.  Nobody by that name lives here.”

He didn’t say anything for a second, obviously as confused as I was, so I asked him, “Is YOUR name William?”  He answered yes.  Just being polite at this point, I asked him, “What number did you dial?”  He said, “I didn’t dial a number.  I just hit…redial. That’s ok.  You just dialed a wrong number.”

I know for a fact that I didn’t call him!  I actually almost wanted to argue with him, but instead said that I was texting and it was impossible that I had called anyone.  He was getting ready to hang up, and as wacky as it sounded, the thought came into my head to ask him, “May I pray for you?”

He stammered for a second, then said, “Yes…that would be fine.”

I started to pray prophetically, just like I would pray anywhere for anyone.  I asked the Lord to give him what he wanted, to fill his hands with good things, to bless him and prosper him. I don’t remember everything I prayed because I was just praying, waiting for a download from God, praying until I “hit a vein”.

Finally, I had it!  I asked him if he had a business.  He said yes.  He said he does something with real estate and something else with films, and that he was working a deal with Universal Studios. He told me that it was his fasting and prayer time.  He has been praying four times a day, and his prayer time was at four o’clock.  He said he had gotten the call right before he finished.  That is why he hit redial.  He thought I was a client of his.

I felt immediately that God wanted him to have the mountains of finance and entertainment, and I told him so.  In addition, I know that God wants us, His ministers, to have the money to do what He wants us to do for Him, and that He had given me a strategy and a blueprint to get it!

I told this gentleman that I had a prophetic word from the Lord called, “Strategies to Acquire Wealth,” an article I am getting ready to publish.  I felt that God supernaturally connected us to make sure that he received it!  ONLY GOD COULD CONNECT US!  I didn’t call him, and he didn’t call me!  We don’t even run in the same Christian circles!

He said that he had actually been praying about his business, and had asked the Lord for specific things!  When I said, “Give him what he needs,” coupled with the fact that he didn’t call me, and I didn’t call him…he knew this was a divine connection.  He was thrilled to get an immediate, direct answer to his prayer, straight from the throne of Grace!  He willingly gave me his email address to receive the word.

So, that is it for now.  I am 110% certain that this story will continue.  I said to him to make sure and keep my number in his phone, and to call me for prayer any time.  He said he would and put “prayer partner” next to it!

God is on the move, praise the Lord!  The next time you get a wrong number, ask if you can pray for that person!  It might be a divine, supernatural connection – especially if you didn’t call him and he didn’t call you!

Would you like to sow into THIS MINISTRY?  We believe it’s VERY GOOD SOIL!  We want you to acquire wealth and accomplish your God purpose.  I believe that God is using us to help you do that very thing!  If you agree, and you want to help us to help you and others like you, please use this link: https://donorbox.org/donations-155                                                                                  Or by PayPal on our home page:  www.KingdomPromoters.org

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Edie Bayer, www.KingdomPromoters.org


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Friday March 16th @ 7PM, Saturday March 17th @ 6PM

Radiant Ones Conference

Kari Perkins, DeAnn Clark, Edie Bayer, Kelly Campbell, Michelle Bollom and Mary Elliott

Waverly Manor

1961A – FM 1375

East Huntsville, TX 77340


April 3rd @ 7:30PM

Learning to FLY School of the Prophetic

Edie Bayer, Instructor

Refreshing Spring Ministries

13131 Champion Drive, Ste 208

Houston TX  77069


April 4th @ 7PM Edie Bayer Speaks

Women of Value

True Ministries Church of the Faithful God

9535 Sweetwater Lane

Houston, TX 77037

Registration $25*, call: 832-288-4141

*Conference Registration covers April 3rd-8th

The Spirit of God is moving over the deep places once again!

Opening the bible a few days ago, I said, “Lord, please show me something I have not seen before!”  God LOVES that request, because He never fails to answer it when I ask.  I was in Matthew 17, and only made it to verse 1 when I something jumped off the page at me.

“AND SIX days after this, Jesus took with Him Peter and James and John his brother, and led them up on a high mountain by themselves,” (Matthew 17:1 AMPC)

Incredibly, as many times as I have read this chapter, I have never noticed the first two words, “AND SIX…” were capitalized!  This had to mean something! I pondered this, thinking about the number six, and on the sixth day … Wait!  Wasn’t man created on the sixth day?  I jumped over to the book of Genesis, and confirmed that in Genesis 1:24-27 on the sixth day God made man!

Immediately I saw a correlation between the book of Genesis and this verse. Somehow, I thought, God is trying to show me that these two chapters are connected.   Excited now, and convinced that God was tying together Genesis 1 and Matthew 17 for me, I kept reading, pushing on to verse 5, which says,

“While he was still speaking, behold a shining cloud [composed of light] overshadowed them, and a voice from the cloud said, This is My Son, My Beloved, with Whom I am [and always have been] delighted!  Listen to Him!” (Matthew 17:5, AMPC).

Once before, while reading this same verse, the Lord had asked me about the cloud.  I said, “It’s your Glory, Lord!  It was a Glory Cloud!” This time, however, upon researching the word for cloud in the Greek, I discovered that this cloud is the same cloud that led the Israelites through the desert!  This cloud was not only God’s Glory – this cloud was God Himself, overshadowing all of them on the mountain!

I quickly made the mental jump to the Spirit of God hovering over the water in Genesis.  After all, God and His Spirit are two parts of Him, I reasoned.  I was now more convinced than ever that the Lord was trying to tie these two chapters together.

The earth was without form and an empty waste, and darkness was upon the face of the very great deep. The Spirit of God was moving (hovering, brooding) over the face of the waters,” (Genesis 1:2 AMPC, emphasis mine).

More exciting still, the Hebrew word here for moving (rachaph) is an ‘action’ word!  Much more than the Spirit of God just floating above the water, or brooding like a hen sitting on her eggs, the word here means to shake, like an eagle flapping her wings and kicking out all the babies (see Deuteronomy 32:11)!  It means to move back and forth, staggering like a drunk man (see Jeremiah 23:9)!  It shows incredible amounts of tumultuous activity!  In fact, this particular word for moving is only used in the Bible three times – once in the creation of the world!

Spirit here in Hebrew is RUACH.  Just as the secular, scientific explanations try to show how the earth was formed with volcanic eruptions and rivers of molten lava, so it was when the Spirit of God – the RUACH of God – MOVED over the face of the waters with unimaginable, vital power!  This same RUACH breathed into inanimate dirt and it became life!  This same RUACH raised Jesus from the dead! God spoke and light became!  How much more did the earth heave in response to His Spirit, as God blew on the waters, creating continents and moving mountains by the breath of His lips!

As God led me from one scripture to the next, I saw the parallel that He was drawing.  He was very obviously saying that the Spirit of God is moving over the deeps once again!  He is moving over the deep places in our lives, creating a new ‘world’ by tumultuously tearing out the old, tearing down strongholds and raising up new continents!  He is calling out, as deep calls out to deep, to the deep places in our heart!

 [Roaring] deep calls to [roaring] deep at the thunder of Your waterspouts,” (Psalm 42:7 AMPC).

Is your life in an upheaval?  Is everything being shaken?  Has your world been turned upside down?  It may be because the Spirit of the living God is moving over your deep!  The RUACH of God is once again creating, birthing anew, re-creating your world to more closely match His ideal!  In order to do this, there will be a lot of activity!  You may feel shaken, staggering or even as though you have been kicked out of the nest!

A few days ago, during the course of a “heated discussion”, I found myself in a position where I was being a hypocrite. The Lord allowed me to talk myself into this position to show me that there were still rocks in the soil of my heart.  He used this situation to till that soil, getting the last little pebbles out to make it as good as possible, to be as fruitful as possible.  In order for this to happen, there had to be activity – tumultuous activity!  In this case, it came by way of a “heated discussion”.

There have recently been other situations as well, wherein the Lord has used other people to show me my heart’s true motives – and theirs. It has been a tumultuous, emotional time, but a profitable one for the Kingdom.

So, take heart! Whatever God does – whatever He allows to happen – is ultimately for our good.  No matter what it may look like right now, take heart in the knowledge that God is turning it all around for your good (see Romans 8:28)!  He will birth the new thing in your life that he wants to, once the shaking stops and the dust settles, you will see it.  You will be proud and happy of what the Lord has accomplished both through you and in your life.

Spirit of God!  Let Your RUACH come and move over the deep places once again!


Edie Bayer



February 24th, 2018                                                       Saturday 6:00 PM
Unlocking Your Innermost        Kari Perkins, Edie Bayer, Yvette Cortez
Connections Church of NW Houston
13235 Kluge Rd, Cypress, TX 77429
March 9-10, 2018                                 Friday 6:30 PM, Saturday 9:30 AM                         
Hawaii FIRE!                                    Oahu Veteran’s Center, Honolulu, HI                         
Apostle Grace Cruz, Edie Bayer, Kari Perkins, Teresa Comparin
Apostle Tina Baker, Caleb Brundidge, Pastor Chris Miyake
1298 Kukila Street, Honolulu, HI  96818
$20 Registration Fee includes both days!  Register on Eventbrite.com
March 16 – 17, 2018                             Friday 7:00 PM  Saturday  6:00 PM
Radiant Ones         Kari Perkins, Edie Bayer, DeAnn Clark, Kelly Campbell
Waverly Manor (in New Waverly, TX)
19631 A FM 1375, East Huntsville, TX  77340